Building A Business …
And Relationships, On Trust.

Let Us Change The Way You Think About Insurance.

We’re committed to helping mid-market businesses navigate their myriad insurance needs by building relationships and leveraging the right mix of people, partnerships, processes, and technologies. With the capabilities and resources of a national company, we deliver results. But it’s the trust-comes-first mindset of a local partner that lets us deliver those results in a way that’s both comfortable and friendly. We’re a partner you can rely on. A friend you can call. And we’re here for the long-haul by your side.

Here For Customers.

There’s more to being a superior insurance broker than simply having good client relationships and strategic carrier partnerships. Your broker should be working to stay ahead of the curve. They should provide intelligent, tailored solutions backed by extensive experience. They should apply technology and data to drive efficiency, innovation, and a competitive edge.

This is how we do business. We connect the dots to help clients like you save time and regain control over insurance decisions, whether personal or professional—so you, your family, and your organization can be healthier and safer. We are, and have always been, the ones our clients can count on to bring it all together for them through our relationships and connections. Every day, we ask ourselves how we can best contribute to our clients’ successes. It’s why we love coming to work. For you.

Here For Acquisition Partners.

We’ve taken a thoughtful and deliberate approach to our growth. With each acquisition, we look to enhance our existing specialties, enter a new product or industry niche, expand our geographical reach to tap into new clientele, and/or add great new talent to our team. And we look to provide those exact same benefits to our acquisition partners.

Backed by Aquiline Capital Partners, we have the infrastructure, capabilities and resources to help you expand your business and better serve your customers. More importantly, we have the desire to work alongside you, succeeding together.

To learn more, visit our Partner With Us page or contact Tim Hall, Chief Executive Officer directly at (312) 714-7279 or by email.